1. Introduction.
2. Conceptual framework.
3. Survey of related literature.
4. Method and procedure.
5. Analysis of data and findings.
6. Summary conclusions and educational implications.

“A good number of educational institutions across the country are being managed by Muslims. There is a common feeling that a good many of these institutions have been facing a state of gradual decadence for the last few decades and, in turn, the problem of Muslims’ backwardness in education has been getting further agravated. Some major factors are said to be responsible for this continued deterioration in these institutions. Organisation and management of any institution plays a key role in making it a successful enterprise. Muslim educational institutions seem to have become very week in this particular respect. The present research, as produced in this particular respect.
The present research, as produced in this book, investigates into those managerial factors whose neglect on the part of educational administration has led to the present level of performance and whose proper handling may assist in improving the quality of their goal fulfilment. The book should be useful to educational administrators, planners, managers and to all those who are interested in seeing the Muslim educational institutions perform better and Muslims acquire better education, which is so necessary for their own upliftment and also, for the progress of the Indian society, as a whole.”

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