National Workshop for Skill Upgradation“There are schools in the country where students from backward classes are still not given equal status. This is the reason why they feel discriminated and hence discontinue their education in the middle”, said Prof. Mohammad Akhtar Siddiqui Former Chairman, NCTE, New Delhi & Professor, Faculty of Education, Jamia Millia Islamia.

Prof Siddiqui was speaking at the inaugural session of the three-day National Workshop for Skill Upgradation in the capital Sunday. The workshop is organised by All India Confederation for Women Empowerment Through Education, New Delhi. More than hundred teachers from various states mainly Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradseh are participating in the workshop.

He cited the example of a school in Bhagalpur, Bihar where more than half of the total students decided to discontinue education.

“The parents of the students alleged that the teachers from Upper Caste discriminated against their children, and they did not give the needed attention towards them. Hence the students lost interest in schools and decided to discontinue education in the middle”, he said.

He said tired of caste discrimination parents belonging to backward classes in many regions are demanding separate schools for their children.

He urged the teachers to end caste discrimination and asked them to improve their skill level.

“Like engineers and doctors, teachers too are required to continuously upgrade their skill”, he said.


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