It is common knowledge that in general Indian Muslims are economically and socially backward and that they have been facing this situation for decades together. Independence of India more than half a century ago initially did not bring any succor to their state of deprivation rather in more than one ways it added to their already shattered condition. Muslim leaders and those who care to feel concerned about Muslims looked at their problems in a rather discrete manner which made their efforts to ameliorate their condition less fruitful.
  Of late this has been realized by Muslim intelligentsia and to some extent by the saner sections in the corridors of power that taking a holistic view of the complex problems faced by Indian Muslims is a necessary condition to deal with this situation. It has also been realized that they need to be empowered socially, economically and politically.  How this utopian task has to be done? The present book deals with this particular issue and presents a case for empowerment of Muslims of India in all walks of their life through the most powerful enabling instrument of the modern times namely, education. It argues that it is a joint concerted endeavour of the state and the community that can only bear fruits for the benefit of Indian society in general and Indian Muslims in particular.

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