Memorial Lectures / Special / Invited Lectures and Convocation Addresses

  1. Delivered invited lecture on Present National Perspective of Teacher Education at the first All Nagaland Conference on Teacher Education organized by the SCERT, and Government of Nagaland at Kohima
  2. Delivered invited lecture on Financing of Education in India at the 4 day Leadership Development Programme for Educational Administrators organized by Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University, Wardha in collaboration with HRDC, AMU, Aligarh
  3. Delivered Invited Lecture on “Implementation of the Recommendations of  NCTE Review Committee-2016 ” at M. V. College of Education, University of Delhi
  4. Delivered Extension Lecture on “NCTE and Teacher Education Reforms and Siddiqui Committee Report-2016” at RIE, Bhubaneswar
  5. Delivered invited lecture on “University Acts and Legislation and their impact on Higher Education Development” in orientation programme for university teachers at HRDC, Jamia Millia Islamia
  6. Delivered invited lecture on Contribution of Minority Education Institutions” at the All India orientation programme for Heads of Muslim Managed Secondary Schools organized by National University for Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi
  7. Delivered invited  lecture on “Teaching and Planning for Teaching” at National Workshop on Lesson Planning and Skill Development organized by School of Education, H.S. Gaur Central University, Sagar, M. P.
  8. Invited lecture on “Modernization of Madrasas and Need for Madrasa Education Board” organized by the Andhra Pradesh Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan authority for Managements of Madrasas in the State of Andhra Pradesh at Vijayawada, AP
  9. Talk delivered on “Quality Education” at the Conference on Education of Minorities organized by the Anglo Arabic School and College Old Boys Association at New Delhi
  10. Invited lecture on “Centrally Sponsored Schemes for Education of Minorities- a critical review” at the capacity building programme for teacher educators on Education of Minorities and Gender Sensitisation organized by NCERT at SCERT, Lucknow
  11. Special Lecture on “Recent reform Initiatives in Teacher Education” at Jamshedpur Govt. Women’s College, Jamshedpur
  12. Invited lecture at the University of Patna on “Educational Ideas of Maulana Azad
  13. Invited lecture on “Some Issues in Higher Education in India” at Centre for Distance Education, LNM Mithla University, Darbhanga
  14. Invited lecture on “Issues in Teacher Education in India” in Lecture Series organized by IASE, Faculty of Education, Jamia Millia Islamia
  15. Invited lecture on “Role of Minority Education Institutions in Educational Development” organized by the NUEPA
  16. Invited lecture on “Madrasa Education in India” at a Special Programme for  a Delegation of Teachers and Educational Administrators from  Indonesia,  organized by the NUEPA
  17. Invited lecture on “Education of Muslim in India” at the Orientation Programme for College Managements organized by the NUEPA
  18. Invited lecture on Issues in Education of Muslim Girls at the Programme for Teacher Educators on Gender Issues in Education organized by the NCERT
  19. Invited lecture on Prospects in Educational Research at Workshop on Research in Education organized by the Faculty of Arts, AMU
  20. Invited lecture on Issues in Minority Education in India at the Orientation Programme for Secondary School Principals organized by NUEPA, 2013
  21. Invited lecture on Issues in Minority Education in India at the Orientation Programme for Principals of Minority Institutions on Education of Minorities in India organized by NUEPA, 2012
  22. Special Lecture on “Education of Cultural Minorities in Plural Societies-Problems and Prospects” at Calicut University, CHMK Chair for Studies on Developing Societies, Calicut, Kerala
  23. Special Lecture on “Initiatives for Quality Control in Teacher Education” at  MDI, Gurgaon
  24. Special Lecture delivered in the National Conference on Professional Development of Teachers at VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu
  25. Lecture on “Issues of Management in Minority Education Institutions” at the Professional Development Programme for Principals and Managements of Minority Institutions, at NUEPA
  26. Convocation Address delivered at the 78th Annual Convocation of the Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu on 6 October, 2010.
  27. Special Lecture on “Roadmap for Empowering Muslims through Education” organized by the Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi
  28. B. Buch Memorial Lecture on “Teacher Education Continuum: Implications and Challenges” at the M.S. University, Baroda
  29. Special Lecture on ‘Is education contributing to Inequality and Tension?’ organized by Calicut University, Kerala
  30. Special Lecture at the National Testing Service- India, Mysore on Delinking of Degrees with Employment and Significance of NTS
  31. Special Lecture on “New Initiatives to Improve Quality of Teacher Education” at The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad
  32. Invited lecture on “Educational Development of Muslims in India” at a programme for Muslim managed school principals at NUEPA, New Delhi
  33. Invited lecture in popular lecture series at NCERT on “Integration of Technology in Teacher Education
  34. Zakir Husain Memorial Lecture onPrivatisation of Teacher Education” at the 7th National Conference of IATE at Meerut
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