1. Member International Advisory Board, Journal of International and Comparative Education,  Malaysia.
  2. Life Member, Indian Society for Training and Development, New Delhi
  3. Life Member, Indian Association of Educational Research, New Delhi.
  4. Life Member, National Council of Teacher Educators, New Delhi.
  5. Govt. of India nominee on Governing Council of the National Council for Teacher Education,     2007-08.
  6. Govt. nominated Member, NRC, NCTE, April 2006 – May 2008.
  7. GOI Nominee on 5th & 7th Joint Review Missions of SSA, MHRD, Govt. of India, 2007-08.
  8. Member, Research Advisory Committee, SIEMAT, Govt. of U.P., Allahabad,  2007 –2009.
  9. Expert Member, Research Project Evaluation Committee, WRO, UGC, Pune, 2007-08.
  10. Member, Project Evaluation Committee, ERIC, NCERT, 2007- 09.
  11. Member, Working Group of Experts for Development of Curriculum of B.Ed. (Voc.) CIVE, Bhopal, 2 years.
  12. Member, Board of Advisors for IAS, UPSC, 2 yrs.
  13. Member, Selection Committees, Staff Selection Commission, 2 years.
  14. Member, Selection Committees for Teachers, KVS, 1 yr.                                         .
  15. Member, ASC Programme Planning Committee, UGC, 3 years.
  16. Member, Selection Committees for Principal & faculty members, IP University one year.
  17. Member Selection Committees at AMU, Aligarh, 2 years
  18. Member, Selection Committees at University of Kashmir, 2 years
  19. Member, Affiliation Board for NTT/ETE Courses, Govt. of Delhi, one year
  20. Ex-officio Member of the National Board of Accreditation constituted by All India Council   for Teacher Education for assessment and accreditation of the colleges and/or institutions of technical and professional education, 2yrs.
  21. Ex-officio Member of the Education for All (EFA) – Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Forum constituted by Ministry of HRD, Dept. of  School Education & Literacy to fulfill the commitment to the Dakar Declaration, 2 yrs
  22. Ex-officio Member of the Governing Council and Executive Committee of National Mission of SSA constituted by Ministry of HRD, Dept. of  School Education & Literacy, New Delhi, 2 yrs .
  23. Ex-officio Member of the Consultative Group on Elementary Education, Secondary   Education & Literacy constituted by Planning Commission (Education Division), New Delhi, 1 yr.
  24. Ex-officio Member of the Joint Task Force constituted by Ministry of HRD, Dept. of  Higher Education in the field of Education 1yr.
  25. Ex-officio Member of the National Apex Committee constituted by Ministry of HRD, Dept. of Higher Education for the Centrally-sponsored Scheme of National Mission on Education through ICT, one yr.
  26. Ex-officio Member of the Committee for Approval of    Research Projects (CARP) in the field of Elementary Education constituted by Ministry of HRD, Deptt. of School Education & Literacy, New Delhi, 2 yrs.
  27. Member Advisory Board ‘Save the Children’ for project “Big Idea” on Pre-school Education Development, 2 yrs
  28. Member of the Academic Advisory Committee of  Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, New Delhi, one yr.
  29. Ex-officio Member of the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) constituted by Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, 2 yrs.
  30. Member of the Governing Body of the State Resource Centre, University of Kashmir, Srinagar, two yrs.
  31. Chairman, Ex-Officio, Technical Advisory Group for the Study of Demand & Supply Estimates of Teachers and Teacher Educators at School Stage: 2007-2017 for 3 years.
  32. Chairman, Ex-Officio, TERG, NCTE, one yr.
  33. Ex-officio Member of the National Advisory Council for SSA constituted by the Ministry of HRD, Dept. of School Education & Literacy, one year.
  34. Chairman, NCTE Review Committee appointed by the MHRD, 2015-16.
  35. Member of several Academic bodies in Jamia and other institutions
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