Initiatives taken by Prof. M.A. Siddiqui to improve NCTE

1.      To ensure planned development of teacher education a Study of Demand and Supply of trained teachers in each state and UT was completed and 33 reports published. Based on this report complete ban was imposed on opening new teacher education institutions (TEIs) six states in 2009-10, in 13 states/UTs in 2010-11 and 11 states in 2011-12 which stopped mushrooming of sub-standard TEIs and other related problems.

2.      Many existing TEIs were revisited and in the process, recognition of 600 odd sub standard colleges/courses was withdrawn for the first time in the history of the NCTE.

3.      The new National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education (NCFTE) was developed after a gap of 12 years. Series of programs for orientation of NCFTE being organized.

4.      In order to weed out corruption and bring transparency in the processing of applications for new institutions, all applications are now accepted online only.

5.      Two portals on teacher education institutions and teacher educators have been launched on which it is mandatory for all TEIs to disclose their infrastructural and teaching resources. The teacher educator portal checks fake appointments of faculty in any teacher education institution.

6.      The panels of experts engaged in the inspection of institutions were drastically reviewed and almost 80% of them were dropped. Also a few ‘experts’ who were found indulging in corruption were got arrested by the CBI.

7.      The Officers in the Regional Committees who have been found indulging in malpractices were either suspended/repatriated/transferred. Some cases were also handed over to the CBI for investigation. Disciplinary proceedings against some employees have also been initiated.

8.      All the Regional Committees of the NCTE were reconstituted with persons of integrity.  A detailed procedure and criteria for nomination of the members of the Regional Committees has been developed and approved by the Council to bring in transparency.

9.      Teacher qualifications to fulfill the requirement of Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 have been notified and for the first time Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) has been included in the qualifications.

10.  Long pending issue of teacher training of several thousand under trained teachers in the state of West Bengal was resolved by launching a Special Bridge Course Program.

11.  Distance Teacher Education programs for training of untrained working teachers in operation in the states of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and North East states through IGNOU have been evaluated and in the light of findings, the programmes are under revision in collaboration with IGNOU.

12.  Large number of appeals received in the headquarters from aggrieved teacher education institutions have been disposed off expeditiously with zero pendency.

13.  The officers in the Regional Committees and Headquarters have been strictly prohibited from participation in any academic or cultural program organized by a self financing private institution.

14.  The NCTE Regulations 2007 especially with regard to qualifications of the faculty were revised and notified.

15.  A handbook containing guidelines for conducting and reporting inspections of institutions by Visiting Teams has been developed.

16.  Based on the NCFTE, model syllabi for teacher education programs for pre-primary, elementary, secondary levels and for teacher educators were developed.

17.  A Manual for Instructional Facilities in TEIs was developed and widely disseminated.

18.  A high quality Resource Book on Teacher Education has been produced with contributions from renowned educationists.

19.  A Code of Professional Ethics for Teachers has also been developed.

20.  Norms for new teacher education courses for performing and non performing arts as well as curriculum for these courses has been developed.

21.  Guidelines and curriculum for 6 months special training program for elementary teacher education to be appointed under RTE Act have been developed.

22.  Based on complaints and review by a committee the Northern Regional Committee (NRC), Jaipur and Eastern Regional Committee (ERC), Bhubaneshwar dissolved for taking decisions in violation of NCTE regulations. Action against NCTE officials involved in such decisions has also been initiated.

23.  A transparent procedure for constitution of Regional committee’s notified in Feburary 2011.

24.  Teacher Eligiblity Test (TET) guidelines have been notified in Feburary 2011. This will go a long way in improving quality of education in schools.

25.  Norms for integrated B.Ed programs being developed.

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