Teacher Education Congress On “Teacher Education: Challenges And The Road Ahead”

Teacher Education Congress in the Department of Education, Panjab University

Prof. Mohammad Akhtar Siddiqui, the keynote speaker for the congress, said that teacher education is passing through an ambivalent stage in its evolutionary process. He said that the most critical factor which effects quality of education is the pedagogy. More flexible and varied programs of teacher education have to be followed. Induction training should be made compulsory.

He also said that teachers’ role profile is changing world over and they are expected to teach effectively in multi-cultural classrooms Before launching four years integrated programme, curriculum, content, pedagogy should be thoroughly planned. Capacity building of teacher education should be done in advance. Innovative ideas should be tried. He said that the quality of internship in teacher education is another area of concern. It requires formative rather than summative evaluation. Classroom is the only site where teacher learning and their knowledge can integrate.

Source: http://www.face2news.com/news/34904-pu-two-days-teacher-education-congress-on-%E2%80%9Cteacher-education-challenges-and-the-road-ahead%E2%80%9D.aspx

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