Education In India: Muslim Women Way Behind

Source: Times of India, 24th June 2014

Indian Muslim women still lag behind in the race of access to education in the country. The situation is quiet appalling and hinders the progress of women.

A workshop was arranged by the Union Ministry of Minority Affairs where the leaders congregated for discussion on the issue of education for musclewomen. The session talked about the programmes and schemes of the Union ministry of minority affairs and their strategy for socio-economic and educational development of the minorities. Leaders who were a part of this platform laid massive emphasis on creating awareness. Mohammad Akhtar Siddiqui, a professor of Jamia Millia Islamia from New Delhi, spoke the grim scenario of education of minority girls. He claimed that implementation was a stumbling block denying minority girl from their basic right to education. Siddiqui reported that Muslim women in India are more backward than SCs and STs in the sphere of education. India as a whole suffers a major setback due to this. Universal education is a fundamental requirement of the country.

The workshop was a combined effort of Ajmal Foundation, Hojai, and the Union ministry of minority affairs and held in New Delhi. Special attention was given to Assam and it was felt that platforms like these would gradually create adequate awareness and propagate minority rights for education.

National Minorities Education Committee of the Union ministry of human resource development highlighted another pertinent issue. A member Raj V Siddiqui asserted the relevance of poverty alleviation through management of sustainable resource.

NCERT programme coordinator and faculty of Women’s Studies Anita Nuna also expressed her opinions on the issue. The seminar requested all participants to generate awareness about the programmes and schemes running under various ministries including the Ministry of Minority Affairs.

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