Conferences, seminars and workshops attended, papers presented and major keynote addresses.  Have participated in a large number of international, national seminars and conferences.  Some of these since 2001 are:

  1.  Resource person in Regional Workshop on “Capacity Building of DERT faculty on Educational Research”  at DERT, Shillong, organized by the Govt. of Meghalaya on 17-19 March, 2016.
  2. Resource person in in-service programme for Key functionaries of Special education organized by RCI and Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment at IAE, Jamia Millia, New Delhi and delivered lecture on “Equality of Opportunity and Equity in Education” , on 30 January, 2016.
  3. Keynote address in National conference on “Academic Anxiety and Academic Counseling” organized by Lingya’s University, Faridabad on 29 January, 2016.
  4. Keynote address  in National Seminar on “Professionalism and Code of Ethics of Teachers” organized by Lingya’s University, Faridabad on 11 December,  2015.
  5. Invited lecture on “Teaching: concept, process and challenges” at department of Education, University of Science, Technology and Management, Meghalaya, on 31 October, 2015.
  6. Keynote address in  workshop on Empowering Women through Learning: Formation through Skill Development, organized by AICWETE, New Delhi on 10 October, 2015.
  7. Keynote address in International conference on Education as a Basic right of the Humankind organized by IASE, Jamia, Gandhi Darshan Samiti and Indialogue Foundation at IASE, Jamia on 3-4 October, 2015.
  8. Delivered lecture on  “Strategies to Promote Education of Minorities” in Training  programme for DIET Faculty on Gender Issues in Education of Minority Girls organized by NCERT on 30 July 2015.
  9. Resource person in a two day workshop on Development of  New Curriculum for B.Ed. and M.Ed. programmes, organized by Mizoram Central University, Aizwal, on 20-21 April, 2015.
  10. Keynote address in National Seminar on Sufism and Indian Spiritual Tradition: Sustaining the Training of Heart, organized by Dept. Of Education, Santiniketan, West Bengal on 23 March 2015.
  11. Keynote address in National Seminar on Teacher Education: Today and Tomorrow organized by KIIT of Education, Haryana  on 13 March 2015.
  12. Keynote address in National Seminar on “Nurturing Learners’ Autonomy” organized by Anjum e Islam Peerbhoy College of Education, Mumbai, on 31 January 2015.
  13. Keynote address  at the inaugural session in the 3 day national Conference on Empowerment of  Women through Education organized by the All India Confederation for Empowerment of Women through Education at Institute of Social Science on 10 November, 2014.
  14. Presented a paper on “Policy on education of Muslim Girls: Implementation and Issues” in national workshop on Prgrammes and schemes of the Government for education of minorities organized by Ajmal Foundation, Hojai, Assam on 22 June 2014.
  15. Chief Guest and delivered special lecture Educational Development in India and Concern for Quality and Inclusion in National seminar on Paradigm Shift in Education organize by SRM University, Modi Nagar, UP on 9 May 2014.
  16. Presented a paper  on “Globalization, Education Policy and Curriculum”  in International Conference on Globalization, Education Policy and Human Beings organized by OGDER Turkish Teachers Association , Istanbul and Sivas on 2-6 May 2014.
  17. Resource Person in the National Workshop on “Development of Curriculum for B. Ed. Programme” organized by University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya on 20-21 April 2014.
  18. Presented a paper on “Corporate Philanthropy, Peace Building and New Indian Corporate Law” and chaired  a technical session on Globalization and Education  in National Seminar on Globalization, Multiculturalism and Peace Building organized  by Indialogue Foundation, at Convention Centre, JNU, New Delhi on 19-20 April, 2014.
  19. Presented a paper on Indian Education Policy: Contribution of  Maulana Azad” in national seminar on Maulan  Azad and National Education Policy organized by Government PG College, Dhanbad on 30 March, 2014.
  20. Special address as Chief Guest on “Re-emphasizing Philosophical Legacy of Indian Education” in National Seminar on  Treasure of Tranquility: Philosophical Legacy of Indian Education, organized by Visva Bharati, Santiniketan University, West Bengal on 3 March, 2014.
  21. Keynote Address in National Seminar on Issues and Concerns in Educational Research organized by the CASE Baroda on 1-2 March, 2013.
  22. Keynote address on Thoughts of Swami Vivekananda on All Round Development of Individuals in the national seminar on Social Development of Individuals through Education and Swami Vivekananda organized by Government PG College for Women, Bhopal on 4 February, 2013.
  23.  Participated in the CPD think Tank national symposium on Language Education on 20 November, 2012.
  24. Chaired working group on ‘Quality of Teacher Training and Professional Development in Higher Education’ in national workshop on Areas of Priority for promoting School and College Education in J&K, at Kashmir University, Srinagar on 17-18 October, 2012.
  25. Presented a paper on the Quality Education through Teacher Development: Key to Rural Transformation in India, and chaired one session in the International symposium on Education for Rural Development (ERT): Good Practices from National and International Perspectives jointly organized by  the Dept. of  International and Comparative Education, Stockholm University and MS University at Vadodra on 15-17 October, 2012.
  26. Chaired a session on Education and Empowerment, in national conference on Development, Empowerment and Human Rights: Perspectives on Muslims in Post Colonial India at JNU, New Delhi organized by IMSISA on 4 October, 2012.
  27. Participated in the meeting of the Committee to Develop Glossary of Terms in Education, IGNOU, New Delhi on 3 September, 2012.
  28. Keynote Speaker in the national seminar on Total Quality Management in Teacher Education, at Rameesh Institute of Technology, NOIDA on 21 April, 2012.
  29. Keynote Speaker in the national seminar on Globalization and Muslims: Challenges and Opportunities at Centre for Promotion of Educational and Cultural Advancement of Muslims of India (CEPECAMI), Aligarh MuslimUinversity, Aligarh on 7 April, 2012.
  30. Panel speaker on the theme: Issues and Problems of Muslims in Higher Education in national conference on Minority Rights and Identities: Challenges and Prospects at Constitution Club, New Delhi organized by IOS on 14 April 2012.
  31. Keynote Speaker on Concerns and New Vision of Teacher Education in national seminar on New Trends in Teacher Education Curriculum at Karamat Husain Post Graduate College, Lucknow on 11 February, 2012.
  32. Panel Speaker on “Education of Muslims: Kerala Experience and the National Pattern”, at Jamia Nooriya University on 8 January 2012.
  33. Keynote Speaker on Challenges for Education and Inclusiveness in India in International Conference on “Educational and Social Inclusion”, organized by School of Creative Learning & KG Foundation, India & UK at Patna on 25-26 Nov, 2011.
  34. Paper presented on Policy Initiatives in India for Professional Development and Support of Rural Teachers in the International Conference on “Professional Development of Rural Teachers” organized by Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou, China on 23 September 2011.
  35. Paper presented  on New Trends in Governance of Higher Education in national conference on “Global Trends in Education: Review and Options” organized by IOS at AN Sinha Institute ,Patna.
  36. on 16-18 September 2011.
  37. Chief Guest and delivered valedictory address in the Orientation Programme for University Teachers at Academic Staff College, Jamia, New Delhi on 11 August 2011
  38. Chaired the technical session on Localized Learning in Globalized Context-Capacity Building of Teachers in the “World Education Summit-2011” organized by IGNOU and others at New Delhi on 14 July 2011.
  39. Delivered a talk on  Teachers’ Role in Promoting Dialogue in International Conference on “Inter Faith Dialogue” organized by City Montessori Schools, at Lucknow on 15-16 July 2011.
  40. Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker in workshop on Development of New Teacher Education Curriculum for Secondary Teachers organized by Sidho-Kanho-Birsha State University, Purulia, on 27 June, 2011.
  41. Participated as member of the Committee for Approval of Research Projects (CARP) in project report presentation by the NCERT at MHRD, New Delhi on 30 May 2011.
  42. Chief Guest and delivered Inaugural Address in the national seminar on “Technology Integration in Teacher Education” organized by Institute of Teacher Competency of IGNOU at Gwahati on 20 May 2011.
  43. Participated in International Conference on “Improving the Quality of Secondary Education” organized by DFID, World Bank and MHRD at New Delhi on 10-12 May 2011.
  44. Speaker at the Plenary Session on “Towards Knowledge – Outlining Roadmap for the Future” in the Conference on “Towards Knowledge, Development and Peace”  organized by IOS at New Delhi  on 16 April, 2011.
  45. Keynote Speaker in the National Seminar on Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education organized by Government College of Education, Patiala,  Punjab on 9 March, 2011.
  46. Panelist in the Roundtable on ‘Contemporary Issues in Teacher Education in Global Perspective’ at Shahid Rajaee Teacher Education University, Tehran on 2 March, 2011.
  47. Paper presented on “Teacher Education Curriculum Reform in India” in the International Conference on Teacher Education Curriculum organized by Shahid Rajaee Teacher Education University, Tehran on 1 March, 2011.
  48. Chaired technical session on “Education & Development” in the International Conference organized by Department of Social Work, Jamia Millia Islamia, at New Delhi on 25 February, 2011.
  49. Delivered Valedictory address in the National Seminar on Good School Management Practices, organized by SCERT, New Delhi on 15 February, 2011.
  50. Chaired Technical Session on Exclusion in School Education with a focus on Muslims in the Global Conclave of Young Scholars of Indian Education in the Programme organized by NUEPA at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on 27 January, 2011.
  51. Participated in the National Conference on “Transforming Schools, Transforming Education” organized by Azim Premji Foundation at India International Centre, New Delhi on 13 January, 2011.
  52. Delivered Inaugural Speech at the National Seminar on Code of Professional Ethics for Teachers organized by NCTE, New Delhi on 6 December, 2010.
  53. Talk delivered on Improvement of Teacher Education Practices in States in National Conference on Elementary Education at Habitat Center, New Delhi on 16 December, 2010.
  54. Resource Person in the Workshop on “School Education and Teacher Training” in  the International Conference on Ethical Framework for a Sustainable World  organized by Centre for Environment Education at Ahmadabad on 1 November, 2010.
  55. As Head of Apex Organization participated in National Conference of Vice Chancellors at Pune on 12-13 November, 2010.
  56. Speaker at the CPD Policy Think Tank relating to CPD Policy and Practice organized by the British Council at New Delhi on 23 November, 2011.
  57. Paper presented  in the Plenary Session on  Implications of NCFTE on In-service Teacher Training in national Seminar on  Issues in In-service Teacher Development of Elementary Teacher organized by NCERT and SCERT, Orissa at Bhubaneswar on 22 October, 2010.
  58. Panel speaker at the World Didactic India-2010 Conference on the theme “Vocalization of Education: Way Ahead” organized by India Didactics Association, Hyderabad at Mumbai on 23 September, 2010.
  59. Chief Guest and delivered inaugural address in the Conference on NCFTE on “Context, Concerns and Vision of Teacher Education” organized by Guru Nanak Dev University at Amritsar on 30 September, 2010.
  60.  Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker in the National Seminar on Human Rights and Education on “Human Rights Education and the Teacher” organized by Ramakrishna Mission Shiksha Mandir at Kolkata on 14 September, 2010.
  61. Inaugural Address in the Orientation Programme on NCFTE on the “Need for Reforms in Teacher Education Curriculum” organized by the English and Foreign Languages University at Hyderabad
  62.  on 6 August, 2010.
  63. Chief Guest and delivered Inaugural Speech in the National Seminar on Reforming the Teacher Education Curriculum at Jamshedpur Women’s College, Ranchi on 13 June 2010.
  64. Chief Guest and delivered Inaugural Address in the Regional Seminar on Teacher Education Curriculum and New Framework of  NCTE organized by SCERT, Bhubaneswar  on 28 April 2010.
  65. Chief Guest and delivered Inaugural Address in  the Regional Seminar on  Professional Development of Teacher Educators organized by Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamil Nadu on 15 July, 2010.
  66. Participated in International Workshop on Skill Development organized by the Institute of Applied Manpower Research at India International Centre, New Delhi on 6 May, 2010.
  67. Keynote Speaker in the conference on ‘Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in Schools’, at Professional Development Center, DPS, Dwarka, New Delhi on 22 April, 2010.
  68. Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker in National Seminar on Quality of Education and Teacher Development organized by Gulbarga University, Karnataka, 21 March, 2010.
  69. Delivered Valedictory Address in the workshop on Development of Teacher Education Curriculum at Lal Bahadur Shastri Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, New Delhi on  31 March, 2010.
  70. Panel Speaker on the topic Teacher Development in Higher Education in Orientation Programme for Heads of Minority-managed institutions of Higher Learning , NUEPA, New Delhi on  25 February, 2010.
  71. Participated in Workshop on “Media and Information Literacy Curriculum for Teacher Education” organized by UNESCO, Paris &  UNESCO, Sri Lanka at Colombo on 8-11 December, 2009.
  72. Participant in the Indo-France Joint Seminar on “Challenges in Public Higher Education: An Interdisciplinary Perspective” organized by ICSSR, New Delhi on 21 December, 2009.
  73. Keynote Speaker in the International Conference on Education and ICT: Global Context, Policy and Framework organized by IATE at Univ. of Mumbai  on 29  December, 2009.
  74. Panel Speaker  in National Seminar on “Issues of Muslim Minority Education” organized by NUEPA, New Delhi  on 4 November, 2009.
  75. Paper  presented  on Maulana Azad & Teacher Education in National Seminar on “Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad” organized by NUEPA, New Delhi on 11 November, 2009.
  76. Delivered inaugural address in the National Seminar on “Quality Education” organized by The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad on 16 November, 2009.
  77. Delivered a talk on main concerns addressed in NCFTE 2009 for In-service and Pre-service English Language Teacher Education in a Seminar on Third Policy Dialogue and launch of English Next: India organized by the British Council, New Delhi on 20 November, 2009.
  78. Delivered  Valedictory Address in National Seminar on “Human Rights and Social Security in the age of Globalization” organized by Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi on 25 November, 2009.
  79. Delivered Inaugural Address in the orientation programme on “Policy Analysis for Teacher Educators” organized by NUEPA, New Delhi on 20 October, 2009.
  80. Chief Guest and delivered valedictory address in the 14th All India Madrasa Teacher Training Workshop on “Strengthening of Human Values through Education” at Hamdard Education Society, New Delhi on 29 October, 2009.
  81. Resource person at the Orientation Programme for Teacher Educators working at DIETS and SCERTs in non-Hindi Speaking States of India  organized by NCERT, New Delhi on 14 September 2009.
  82. Participant in the Symposium on “Research and Innovation – the keys to India’s Future” organized by Microsoft, New Delhi on 24 July, 2009.
  83. Participated in International Seminar on “Civic Education” at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indianapolis, USA on 11-14 May, 2009.
  84. Delivered inaugural address  in the Refresher Course in Education for University Teachers organized by Academic Staff College, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi on 15 April, 2009.
  85. Delivered inaugural address in Seminar on “Empowering Teachers for the Millennium Classrooms” at Amity Institute of Education, NOIDA, UP on16 April, 2009.
  86. Speaker in the National Seminar on “Reforming Teacher Education: Towards a   Policy Initiative” organized by NCTE at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on  29-30 April, 2009.
  87. Participated in International Seminar on “Quality School Education for All” organized by NUEPA at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, on 5 March, 2009.
  88. Country Paper Presented in the UNESCO­-APEID international seminar on “Establishing Professional Standards for Teachers” organized by Hiroshima University, Japan on 12-17 March, 2009.
  89. Resource Person and  Panelist at the National Conference on “Human Rights Education at School Level” organized by National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi on 20 March, 2009.
  90. Speaker in National Seminar on “Common School System” organized by NUEPA, New Delhi on 24 March, 2009.
  91. Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker in the National Seminar on “Teacher Education & 21st Century Social Evils” organized by DAV College of Education for Women, Amritsar on 25 March 2009.
  92. Advisory Board Meeting of the Project “Big Idea” organized by ‘Save the Children” on 17 February, 2009 for discussion on early childhood development and education.
  93. Delivered Foundation Day Lecture on ‘The Right to Education Bill-Challenges Ahead’ at Army Institute of Education, New Delhi on 21 February, 2009.
  94. Guest of Honour in the Annual Conference organized by Independent Schools Federation at New Delhi on 21 February, 2009.
  95. Chaired a technical session on Under Achievement and the Role of ICT in National Seminar on Managing Learning Disorders and Difficulties: Every Child Matters organized by Educational Technology and Management Academy, New Delhi on 21 February, 2009.
  96. Panel Speaker in the International Conference on “Teacher Development and Management” organized by the Department for International Development, MHRD, NCERT and NCTE at Vidya Bhawan, Udaipur on 23 February, 2009.
  97. Participant in Sub-Regional Conference of South-West & Central Asia on Facing Global Challenges-New Dynamics of Higher Education” organized by NUEPA at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on 25 February, 2009.
  98. Keynote Speaker in the National Seminar on “Education in the New Millennium – Challenges and Issues” at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh on 28 February, 2009.
  99. Chief Guest and delivered Inaugural Address in the National Seminar on “Towards a Violence Free World: Role of Education” organized by Navrachna College of Education, Vadodara on 9 January, 2009.
  100. Chaired the Regional Consultative Meet on NCFTE organized by NCTE for Northern & Eastern Regions at Udaipur on 22 January, 2009.
  101. Chaired the Regional Consultative Meet on NCFTE organized by NCTE for Western & Southern Regions at Osmania University, Hyderabad on 29 January 2009.
  102. Speaker in the Seminar on “Teacher Management Issues at Elementary Level” organized by NUEPA, New Delhi on 23 January, 2009.
  103. Delivered inaugural address at the launch of the “In-service Course for Teachers in Early Childhood Education” organized by Delhi Public School, New Delhi on 1 December, 2008.
  104. Paper presented on Regional Imbalances and Urban-Rural Divide in Education in the
  105. International seminar on “Democratic and Secular Education” organized by the Govt. of Kerala at Thiruvananthapuram on 4-6 December, 2008.
  106. Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker on “Some Concerns in Educational Research” in the International Conference on “Quality Assurance in Educational Research” organized by AIAER at Model Institute of Education & Research, Jammu 26 December, 2008.
  107. Chaired a Technical Session in National Conference on “Communal Harmony & Social Peace” organized by Nagpur University, Nagpur on 28 December, 2008.
  108. Chief Guest and delivered Valedictory Address in the 42nd Annual Conference of lATE at Patna on 29 December, 2008.
  109. Delivered inaugural address in NCTE-­CEE Regional Orientation Programme for Resource Persons for Environmental Education at Lucknow on 10 November, 2008.
  110. Attended International Scientific Conference on “High Technology in Educational System, Advancement and Current Trends in Teaching Methodology” at the International Turkish University, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan on13-14 November, 2008.
  111.  Participated in Annual Higher Education Summit-2008 on “Higher Education at the Crossroads: Imperatives for Policy & Practice” organized by FICCI, New Delhi on 25 November, 2008.
  112. Delivered inaugural address in the Seminar on “Formulation of  Guidelines for the Revision of TTC & Syllabus” organized by SSA, Kerala on 24-25 October, 2008.
  113. Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker in National Seminar organized by Department of Education, Jameshdpur Women’s College, Jamshedpur 21 October, 2008.
  114. Speaker at the Research Seminar organized by NAAC, Bangalore, 12 September, 2008 at New Delhi.
  115. Delivered inaugural address in a National Workshop on Teacher Education Curriculum organized by Dayal Bagh Educational Institute (Deemed University) Agra on 20 September, 2008.
  116. Chief Moderator in the Roundtable Discussion on “Capacity Building” organized by Centre for Science, Development & Media Studies, New Delhi on 30 September, 2008.
  117. Panel Speaker in the Conference on ‘Digital Learning India Track’ organized by Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies, New Delhi on 30 July, 2008.
  118. Presented a paper on Role of teacher in building intercultural understanding in a National Seminar on Role of Education and Media from Intercultural Dialogue to Peaceful Coexistence organized by Indialogue Foundation at Hyderabad on 5-6 April, 2008.
  119. Delivered a lecture on Education of Muslim Girls: Challenges Ahead in Training Programme for Teacher Educators from lASEs on “Action Research related to Gender Issues with Focus on Uplift of Muslim Girls”, organized by NCERT, New Delhi 28 July 2008.
  120. Keynote Speaker in the national seminar on “Health Promotion and Teacher Education”  organized by NIHFW, New Delhi on 29July, 2008.
  121. Paper presented on Collaborative Research in Integration of Technology in Education in the International Conference on ‘Integration of Technology into Teacher Education’  at Colombo, organized by Govt. of Sri Lanka, 17-18 Dec. 2007
  122. Paper presented on Challenges before ICT Integration into Teacher Education in the  International Seminar on ‘ICT Integration into Education’, organized by  World Links at Manila, 18-19 Sept. 2007.
  123. Paper presented on Minorities Issues in the context of Globalization in the International Seminar on ‘Minorities in Globalization Era’, organized by Green Book Centre, Libya, 1-3 May 2007.
  124. Paper presented on Planning and Management of  Vocationalisation of Secondary Education in the National Seminar on ‘Challenges of Secondary Education’ at NUEPA, New Delhi,  5-7 Feb. 2007.
  125. Paper presented on Kothari Commission’s Vision for Teacher Education and its Realization in the National Seminar on ‘Revisiting Kothari Education Commission’,  organized by NUEPA at  New Delhi. 26-28 Dec 2006.
  126. Chaired a technical  session in National Seminar on ‘TQM in Education’,  at University of Kashmir, Srinagar. 12-13 Sept. 2006.
  127. Paper presented  on Imperatives of Protective Discrimination for Education of Muslims in the National Seminar on ‘Protective Discrimination in favour of Muslims’, organized by AMU at Aligarh. 10-11 Feb 2007.
  128. Paper presented  on Practical Problems in organizing an e-Learning Programme in Indian context  in the International Meet on ‘Development of Intercultural Understanding through e-learning’, at Manchester University, U.K. 20-21 April 2006.
  129. Participant in International Seminar on ‘Education and Conflict – Some lessons for Reconstruction’, Exeter College, Oxford University, U.K. ,13 April, 2006.
  130.  Paper presented  on Modernization of Madrasas for Universal Elementary Education in National Seminar on ‘Education of Muslims, Role of State & Community’, AMU, Aligarh on 14 Feb. 2006.
  131. Paper presented on Educational Issues of Street and Working Children in the International Seminar on ‘Education as a Humanitarian Response’ at  Manchester College, Oxford University, U.K. on  9-12 April 2006.
  132. Paper presented on Issues and Problems in Asia Link Projects in Indian context  in the
  133. International Seminar on ‘Educational Networking in Asia & Europe’ organized by European Commission at Kualalumpur, Malaysia on 26-27, Sept. 2005.
  134. Participated in International meet on ‘Education for Intercultural Understanding’, Joensuu University, Finland on 18-20 Feb. 2005.
  135. Chaired a technical session in International Conference on ‘Learning Centered Education’ organized by IAER at St. Igratious College, Trinulvali, Tamil Nadu  on 27-29 Jan. 2005.
  136. Guest of  Honour invited by the Urdu Academy, Govt. of Delhi in the seminar on ‘Dille Wale’ at Ghalib Academy,  New Delhi on 13 Jan. 2005.
  137. Paper presented  on  Trends in research on ICT in Education in National Seminar on ‘ICT in Teacher Education’ organized   by Intel  Education  at New Delhi on  7-8 Dec. 2004.
  138. Paper presented on Curricular Practices in IASEs in a National Consultation Meet of CTEs & IASEs organized by NCTE at  New Delhi on  22-23 Nov. 2004.
  139. Keynote Speaker  on Teacher Development for HRD in   a National Seminar on ‘Challenges of HRD in Education’, Univ. of Kashmir on 22-23 July 2004.
  140.  Participated in International Seminar on ‘Curriculum Related Issues & Quality of School Education’ organized by NCERT at New Delhi on  23-25 Feb. 2004.
  141. Paper presented on Involving Madrasas in Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan of the Government of India in the national seminar on ‘Education of Minorities’ organized  by NCERT at New Delh on11-12 March 2004.
  142. Chaired a technical session in a national seminar on ‘Issues in Vocational Education’ organized by CIVE at Amritsar on 7-9, Feb. 2003.
  143. Keynote Speaker in  National Seminar on ‘Networking of Minority Institutions’, organized by NCPUL, MHRD at New Delhi on 21-23 March 2003.
  144. Paper presented  Role of Teacher in Value Education in a National Seminar on ‘Value Education’ organized by  RIE,  Bhopal on  25-27 Feb. 2003.
  145. Paper presented  on Values of Peace and Social Justice in Islam in International Seminar on ‘Education in Human Values’ organized by HP University, Shimla on 27-28 March 2002.
  146. Paper presented on Status of Policy on Decentralization in Elementary Education in Delhi  in a National Seminar on ‘Policy on Decentralization in Elementary Education’ organized by NIEPA  at New Delhi on  5-7 Dec. 2001.
  147. Paper  presented on Educational Issues and Priorities in the new Millennium in a  National Seminar on ‘Educational Problems in 21st Century’ organized at  Nehru Bhawan,  Aurangabad on 22 April, 2001.
  148. Paper presented on Building Institutional Climate for Value Inculcation  in a National Seminar on ‘Teacher Education for Value Inculcation’ at RIE, Bhopal on  6-8, Feb. 2001.